You would like to improve the language you are learning but unfortunately you live in a country where almost nobody is speaking it? It is widely known that the best way to learn a new language is to live in the country where it is spoken, but the fact is, that you cannot always move to a country like that. So what can you do?

Either, you accept your level as it is, or you can create your foreign language environment where you currently live.

Here are 10 tips, based on my own experience learning languages, on how to feel abroad in your home.

  1. Turn the radio dial of the radio you listen to at home or in your car to the channel in the language you are learning
  2. Find your favorite movie, or even better, your favorite series in the language of your interest
  3. Watch tv news in the language that you are learning  Find news in your target language international news
  4. Read Google news in your target language
.  It’s easy, just choose the edition of your interest under the search bar of the google news.
  5. Set the language that you want to learn on all devices you are using (phones, PCs, tablets) as the default language.
  6. Combine your hobbies with language learning. For example if you are learning Italian and you like cooking, with Giallo zafferano  channel on Youtube you will improve both – the language and your hobby. Are you learning Spanish and also trying to improve your physical condition and the shape of your body? Why don’t do both by following a Spanish speaking coach?  

Online, especially on YouTube, you can find an enormous quantity of tutorial videos (make up tutorials, vocal coaching, public speaking coaching, programming) and for sure you will find at least some of them interesting. Watching them you will improve the field of your interest and help you improve your target language in a very natural way.
  7. Study in the language you are learning.
 If you are a student, or your job requires lifelong learning or continuous training, why don’t study your subject in the language you are learning? Online you can find almost all subjects of your interest in almost any language. For starters it is enough for you to start with Wikipedia.
  8. Read in your target language
      With current technology nothing is easier. With Kindle or other reading devices you can easily and quickly find the book of your interest in the language you are learning. The same thing is much more difficult to achieve in standard libraries due to the limited choice of multilingual literature.
  9. Post stickers Post or attach a small piece of paper on every object in your house with its meaning in the language you are learning. Put it on everything- shelves, wardrobes, tables, dishes, cutlery, dresses. Don’t worry about the fact, that the person who is living with you will probably think you are crazy. Once you’ve filled up your house with these stickers, they will probably start to irritate you, but it’s OK because our mind tends to remember disturbing things.
  10. Think in the language you are learning. It may sound easy but controlling our mind is one of the most difficult things to do and therefore thinking in another language can also be a good form of exercise for the brain. We use our brains to think all day, every day, so what you can do is that you can try to follow your thoughts and just switch them into the language you’re learning. It’s not easy, but it works..and once you notice that you are thinking in another language it means that your level is pretty good

And you, what do you thing about? Suggest us your Tip!



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