It is said that polyglots are smart in multiple fields. According to some research, people who speak several languages have a higher IQ as well. Whether this is true or not could be a subject to a lot of discussion, but in this article we would like to present you some very gifted celebrities that might actually confirm this theory:

Natalie Portman

famous polyglotEven tough being a little bit advantaged as a bilingual child (she spoke English and Hebrew which she learned from her American mother and her Israeli father) she managed to learn 4 other languages on her own. Some of these languages are considered to be very difficult: Japanese, Arabic, French and German. This actress and director can truly be considered one of the most extraordinary gifted celebrities. Her exceptional talent and beauty brought her international fame and helped her win Academy Award and two Golden globe awards.

In addition to her linguistic and acting talent she graduated from the Harvard University in psychology, took graduate courses at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and later in 2006 at age of only 25, she was a guest lecturer at the Columbia University giving lectures on terrorism and counter terrorism. Her IQ is claimed to be 140.


Dolph Lundgren

Multilingual celebritiesThe fact that the famous Ivan Drago is not only a talented actor and a successful director but also a great athlete is not surprising to anybody, since the audience is used to seeing him in movies involving a lot of action or combat. In fact he was a European champion in karate and a successful bodybuilder.

In addition to that he managed to graduate in chemical engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and received a Master’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Sydney. Several journals report that his IQ is 160, but Doplh, known as a humble person has claimed that the number to be exaggerated. Yes, and the Swedish talent Dolph Lundgren is also a polyglot that can speak nothing less than 7 languages: Swedish and English fluently and he is also able to communicate in German, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese.



Famous polyglotThe word „Multi“ is probably a tailor made adjective for this Colombian artist. As a dancer she can perform almost anything from the Arabic belly dance to Latino, hip hop and rock and roll. But above all, she is one of the most important Latino singers and songwriters in the world. Her singing genres include latino, pop, rock, dance, folk and she performed jazz as well. She is a musician multi-instrumentalist. Moreover Shakira speaks and sings in 6 languages: Spanish, English, Italian, Arabic, French , Portuguese.  A certain organization based in the Uk revealed her IQ to be140 and included her in the list of highly intelligent celebrities.


Jose Mourinho

Famous polyglotThis exceptionally talented football coach is considered to be also one of the smartest managers in the football history. During his career he used to lead the most important teams in the world, such as Real Madrid, Manchester United, Inter Milan, Porto, Chelsea..and between 2003 and 2012 he didn’t have a year without a trophy for his team. This angry looking boy received a diploma in physical education from the Technical University of Lisbon which later, for his accomplishments in football, rewarded him with title Doctor Honoris causa. Besides all already mentioned qualities Jose Mourinho is also a real polyglot: he can speak English, French, Spanish, Italian in addition to his native Portuguese .


Audrey Hepburn

Famous polyglotEven tough she unfortunately passed away many years ago, for most people she remains one of the biggest stars of the silver screen. Actually she was one of the most rewarded actresses of her time. Audrey was not only known because of her unusual beauty and extraordinary talent but also for her sensitivity and empathy which she had developed during her childhood having to live through the German occupation. In the later years of her career she decided to act less and focus more on her humanitarian activities, especially helping children from poor countries. Her humanitarian activities and the will to share the message of empathy motivated her to travel around the world, which she managed well especially because of her multilingual capabilities. She was probably one of the most elegant polyglots to speak English, Dutch, Italian, French and German with her unique grace.

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