Are you an English language learner who is frustrated by a lack of opportunities to talk to native English speakers? Tired of tedious grammar lessons and want to get to grips with natural English conversation?

Or are you a native English speaker with the gift of the gab and a passion for travel? Do you want to expand your horizons while meeting people from all over the world?

If so, may be just the multicultural experience youre looking for!

What is Angloville?

Angloville offers English language immersion programs in hotel settings in stunning locations within the Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Hungary and Ireland.

Students must speak English at all times during their stay. Over the course of a program, learners spend between 70 and 140 hours in conversation with native English speakers on practical topics. They also take part in role plays, games, negotiations, hikes, trips, and cultural exchange activities. Most importantly, there are no textbooks!

Angloville Program for Adults

Taking part in an Angloville program is a superb way to put your English language knowledge into practice and to hone your speaking skills.

One key feature of the regular adult program is the emphasis on one-to-one chat sessions. Teachers are rotated for every lesson, so learners are met with a fresh face each time. This means that you can speak to many people with diverse life experiences — a surefire way to keep the conversation flowing. While topics are provided for these lessons, learners are encouraged to ask questions and to talk about whatever springs to mind.

Students may be exposed to a variety of accents and colloquial expressions as teachers can come from the UK, Ireland, Australia, the US or Canada. And there are no boring classrooms — participants are encouraged to enjoy their lessons over a coffee or to take a walk in the picturesque hotel surroundings and soak up the local atmosphere.

Throughout each program, students are supported and guided by their teachers to develop their communicative competence in their second language. On completion, the vast of learners feel that their fluency and confidence has improved.

As well as the scheduled lessons and activities, the course allows for some free time where participants can let their hair down and enjoy their chosen hotels facilities alone or with their newfound friends. Why not go for a bike ride, spend an hour lounging by the pool, or enjoy a relaxing evening cocktail with your peers?

Angloville Junior

Angloville Junior is aimed at teenagers between the ages of thirteen and eighteen. In this seven-day program, students participate in regular two-to-one (student to teacher) conversational lessons with native English speakers. While similar to the adult program, a wider variety of activities and entertainment opportunities are arranged for the youths. These include volleyball, tennis, hiking, games and guided tours.

Angloville Weekend

Catering to business professionals, this shorter program is a simulation of an English-language conference. Participants pick up valuable networking, negotiation and presentation skills through the English language. They may also become more adept at using appropriate ‘small talk’ to strike up conversations with native speakers in social or business situations. This training helps them to understand cultural differences so they can avoid potentially awkward misunderstandings when abroad.

Teaching English at Angloville

If you love to explore new places and think you would enjoy helping others to learn English in a fun, international environment, you may wish to volunteer to teach at Angloville! Anglovilles teachers guide learners to improve their English skills in an entertaining and meaningful way. This can be an extremely rewarding experience and a chance to develop your own cultural awareness and understanding.

Teachers are provided with free accommodation and food in the same luxury hotels as the students as well as a free city tour. For native speakers without prior teaching experience, Angloville currently offers an online TEFL course and free certification through participation in its programs, so you can become a trained English language teacher in no time!

If you’re itching for the experience of a lifetime in an exotic location, as well the opportunity to forge international friendships while expanding your cultural knowledge, why not apply to Angloville today?